View Full Version : Troubleshoot a big bug in career mode

18-06-2015, 20:26
I got a big problem that makes it impossible to come any further on my career mode. I'm driving in the Renault Clio Cup and every damn time i come out of the pits my tires turns red already before the first couple of corners and when I take a closer look in the photo mode I can see how my front Wheels are sunken down a Little bit in the racetrack.
This makes it nearly impossible to turn and I can't reach my top speed which leads to that I always have to retire to the pits, REALLY frustrating.
Is there anybody else that have the same problem or could someone from the WMD-crew answer whats wrong?

I'm on a PS4 and have the latest game update downloaded and installed.

Siberian Tiger
18-06-2015, 20:28
Sadly a new introduced Bug with 1.4...

But there is a work around :)

Just edit your Tire Pressure +- 0.01 for all Tires save your Pit Strategy and you can continue you're career ;)

18-06-2015, 20:36
Thanks! When will the new patch be out?

Siberian Tiger
18-06-2015, 20:37

We don't know ;) - The Devs are working on it :)