View Full Version : Missing very important track, car and weather information before and during race

19-06-2015, 08:40
Hi all,

I really love and enjoy race games and simulations with multiple weather conditions and day/night switches and so on.
But in the most games also in Project Cars I miss all the important information for the track and weather conditions before and during the race.
Therefore I'm not able to really plan a long race (tire and fuel strategy). Also I'm not able to well react on changing conditions during a race.

Here are my missing points in the game:

- I can't see which tires are on the car when it's in the box.

- I can't flexible change all 4 tires with 1 click when entering the box.
In single player it doesn't matter because the games is switching to pause mode. But in multiplayer the impact is too much and may lead to position losses.

- I don't get useful information about the weather during the race and also before the race.
Therefore I don't get an idea whether a tire change makes really sense or not. This is for me very important before and during race.

- I don't get helpful information about the possible tire window (very important for the tire strategy)
When driving the training/qualifying session I need information about the possible tire durability. Only with it I can plan a good pit strategy.

Why all these points are not in the game after so long development?
Especially in a "simulation" game I expect such very important information. Otherwise it's not a good simulation.

Last point regarding blue flags:
Blue flag race rules are also not in the game or very bad/wrong designed.
Especially the blue flag for lapping opponents and there disqualification if they block you too long is missing.
I have this issue too often in multiclass races when I will lap for example GT cars with my LMP1 car after some rounds. The still try to block the lines and sometimes the fight with you (inclusive contact). But i never saw any opponent reducing speed. Also I never saw any disqualifications for missing blue flag.

I still hope that we will get somehow in the future a game including those important thing. Maybe the developers will implement it in Project Cars too ^^