View Full Version : Inconsistency in replays

19-06-2015, 11:30
I think I've seen this mentioned by someone else in the forums once, but ever since I started saving replays of races I thought were great or "close", I've seen a lot of inconsistency in them. For starters, a lot of the time cars actually change. I had a race where I qualified second in a grid of about 16 racers or so. Now, the first place driver was a red Mercedes SLS GT3 but he was slow off the line so I quickly overtook him. Now he was for some time in my rear view mirror, probably 3rd or 4th, but after a lap or two I didn't see him.I had a good duel against a white Vantage GT3 where he overtook me in the 2nd lap and I followed him closely to the end. Now in the replay, the vantage is replaced by that same red Mercedes! And in the replay, It has extensive front damage even though me and the Aston made no contact with each other or the other racers (and like the real race, the damage didn't seem to effect It's performance). The second thing is, when cars made contact in the replay, they shook and vibrated like they were laggy. Now I don't have the best internet in the world but it's enough to support a 16 player race and I've seen a lot of cars hit each other in front of me and that has never happened. I have to add that they were in the back of the pack (I saw them through the default camera angle in the replay) so maybe cars that are way behind don't have their positions updated too regularly?