View Full Version : [PS4 Clean Racers, UK] - 2014 GT3 Championship Reenactment on Project CARS - 3/4 July

19-06-2015, 12:12
On Friday 3rd / Saturday the 4th of July we aim to be reenacting the 2014 GT3 Championship at 1/4 timescale on Project CARS.

As you may know, GT3 races are timed rather than laps and are 1 hour, 2 hours or 3 hours long. For the reenactment we are proposing that we do 1/4 of the laps completed in the real race but with 4x weather / time scale. Therefore our races will take ~15 min / ~30 min / ~45 min. Each race will also have a qualifying session.

I'd guess this will take us around 6.5 hours to complete. I realise this is quite a long session so we will split it over friday and saturday roughly 9-12pm each night.

We have a good group of clean racers signed up already and obviously once we have 16 it'll be full. Please ONLY put your name down if you're definitely going to play, if it gets popular we will start a reserve list. If you do decide to ruin the race for others we will just start a fresh lobby without you and invite someone else in :)

To put you name down and for information on the races please visit this thread: http://www.gameage.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=168&p=1514#p1514

Add me on PSN (ID = RossSnake) and put "GT3" in the friend request. I'm sure we'll get a few races in before the event :)

19-06-2015, 14:27
Hi Ross, Great idea. Would you like to post it on our forum for maximum exposure plus I'm sure there's a few drivers would be interested too.


20-06-2015, 08:52
Thanks for the reply, as we've only got a few slots left ill leave it on here for now. If we're needing more help finding people ill look into your forum at a later date.

You not interested?

28-06-2015, 13:30
Bump :) this is next weekend. Anyone else interested?