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19-06-2015, 12:44
I have been trying to get someone in some official capacity to answer questions about the reputation system and online matchmaking. I have brought it up in may different threads with no response. From SMS site:

"Your Driver Network Profile tracks many stats relating to your Experience, Focus, and Affinity. But it also tracks your Online Performance and Reputation...

The number of races entered vs the number completed
Breakdown of placement in those races
Pole positions achieved in online qualifying sessions
Average finishing position and average qualifying position
The number of races where you incurred no penalties
And the number of races where you were disqualified

All this information is then used to ensure you find players of similar skill and conduct. Continually collide with other drivers and you'll slowly make acquaintances with others of similar destructive tendencies. Drive with good sportsmanlike conduct and you'll be enjoying the company of other refined opponents."

So, its the last statement that I have a question about. This is obviously not implemented in the final version of the game. I have seen statements from Ian when users asked about a safety rating referring to iRacing. He basically stated that he doesn't want a system in place that makes users afraid of contact. This statement seems counter to the system described on the game's official site.

When will there be a system in place to track not only your race results, but how you race as described? Will there ever be a matchmaking system in place? How will we be paired with like minded drivers?

I know i can get involved in a league, but I find it hard to play on a schedule.

I have searched the forum and have found no answers. It seems that some issues are purposely avoided on this forum. Maybe the self-entitled assholes deserve more of your attention (how's that for passive agressive?). I will apologize in advance for the incindiary title. I just thought this might get someone's attention. Yes, I have caved and started name calling because apparently that is how you get any attention on this forum.

Ian Bell
19-06-2015, 12:59
Thread closed and infraction.