View Full Version : Viewing full logs of tracks and cars used on the PC ?

19-06-2015, 13:39
I know under driver profile it lists your favorite car and track . The game must keep full logs of how many mile on each car and each track you have.
Is there a way to view it ? Do one of the apps have access to the info

19-06-2015, 13:48
I would really like to see that too.
Or at least something like total miles driven. Favorite track is at 812 miles (Le Mans) and second (Nordschleife) should be around 600 miles.

19-06-2015, 21:12
I just poked around a bit . It's not anywhere obvious in any of the files.

15-07-2015, 19:45
Anyone find anything yet ?

Roger Prynne
15-07-2015, 20:09
I think it's in the default.sav

Fat Sav
15-07-2015, 21:33
I think it's in the default.sav

Nothing default about me Roger...:D