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19-06-2015, 14:18
Why is it that when you set CPU tire wear on 6x, and also have your own settings to 6x, that the CPU will spin like they are on ice after 2 laps but my tires are still green for 15 plus laps?? Has this been brought up by chance, did a quick search but no hits? We are trying to get it to where in a 30 lap race on a 2.5-3.5 mile track, that you will HAVE to pit at least one time for tires. pitting is a great way to add strategy into racing but right now it doesn't seem to be on even levels? someone help out with this or have ideas?

Thank you

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19-06-2015, 18:42
damn i figured I would have heard something back about this... feel free to chime in on this issue, id love to figure this out!

19-06-2015, 18:53
I have not had time to play around with this. It is my understanding that a set of slicks should last 1 fuel load at normal wear. So at 6x you should need a new set every 10L of fuel consumed. There is no graphical indication of tire wear. You can be running on worn tires that are still at the optimal temperature (green), but you should see your lap times start to decrease. There is a designated thread that the physics lead posts in regularly related to tyre wear. I know the AI run a much simpler physics model so this very well could be bugged code.

19-06-2015, 18:58
have your checked here: http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?27185-GOOD-INFO-INSIDE!-tyre-wear/page2

19-06-2015, 22:47
Thanks man for that info, i thought the green to red was wear on the tire, but its simply temp.