View Full Version : Car wont rev higher than certain amount after applying a pit stratergy

19-06-2015, 16:22
Only happened once and its a bit hard to explain. I'll try replicating it over the weekend and posting a video but for now, here it is:

PS4, Patch 1.4, online MP (2 Human racers, 14 AI) Formula C at Cadwell

Went into pits to serve a drive though (let the clutch out before greens :)) and accidentally applied my default pit strategy (change tyres and fix damage) went to manual control and changed to second and hit a 'limiter' in second at 5,000 rpm. first would go through the whole rev range but second hit 5000, third was lower, fourth even lower and so on.

Anyone else had this? As I say only experienced it once as I went to kip after leaving the session but I'll try it again over the weekend and see what happens

19-06-2015, 17:11
Sounds like you've changed your final drive ratio somehow.