View Full Version : How long do tyres last?

19-06-2015, 19:12
I've been doing some Formula A and B races around Imola with the tyre wear set to 2x. The races have been 15-20 laps, but I've not seen any pit stop from the AI, nor have I needed to pit. So how long do the tyres last? The seem to be very durable.

19-06-2015, 19:29
Depends on tyre compound, car setup, and how you drive... there's a detailed tyre sim which can cause your tyres to wear in different places at different rates (if I understand it correctly). If you lock up your wheels too often, you can quickly flat-spot a tyre, and you'll feel it vibrating away through the FFB forces.

You can monitor your tyre wear rounded to a single number using something like pCARS Profiler... It may very well vary for car-to-car and circuit-to-circuit, but running soft slicks on a BMW Z4 around Hockenheim GP, I found that I started to noticed some serious vibrations start coming through at high speeds when I hit around 40% generic "tire wear" according to the telemetry data, and by around 50%, it was getting very wobbly even in a straight line at moderate speed.

To give an idea though, with those soft slicks, it was taking around 11-12 laps with 7x tyre wear to start feeling the early warning-signs, and by ~15-16 it was getting very hard to drive. At 2x wear, you'd be looking at more like 40 laps under those same conditions.