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19-06-2015, 19:54
All tough I will most probably get some stick for this post as I am not 100% sure if it is in the right place. There is some cheating going on in stage time trials as you can stop before the timer starts and reverse to the beginning of the stage barriers and get a MUCH larger run up, in doing so gaining a good 4-5 seconds.
I will post a link to the video showing this I don't want people to think I'm trying to plug my channel or anything.

I found this out purely by chance after watching a replay back and it started me of at a standstill instead of a rolling start, I am not being butt hurt over people being faster than me, just think people who cheat should be took off the leader boards so the people who are playing by the book and not cheating get there proper places on them. if this is not cheating please let me know and I will gladly apologise for bringing the issue up.

I would like to enjoy playing this game but at the minute I carnet just hope the little issues and some bigger ones get sorted so I can play the game that it was made out to be not the slightly ok ish sometimes one I'm playing now.

19-06-2015, 20:05
yeah, thats BS. A Point to Point TT should be a standing start and time starts ASAP.

Due to allowed corner /chicane cutting lack of friends leader board, i don't even bother with TT.

You would think , Race game made by Racers would understand why corner cutting and and this running start crap is a game killer. Should be easy for a racers to understand track limits and fair play. Makes me sad.

19-06-2015, 20:15
TT is the main game type I play ATM due the online issues. And yeh I agree on standing start and timer should start straight away

19-06-2015, 20:41
I have gone up against some of the top ghost in the community events and some of them just have a little more under the hood than I do and I salute their speed. They just screw themselves by cutting corners and whatever else their doing. All that hard work in a setup just for their ghost to prove that they was cheating. Cheating is in the nature of racing and th hose who can get away with it will. I'm just glad we got the ghost to prove it. Someone who has the time should just start a thread that basically shows the top guy who didn't cheat who kept his or her damn wheels on the track and we will really know who the real leaders are.

I think SMS has more pressing issues to deal with other than this just my opinion. The ghost show who is doing what and I think when SMS get the time that they will deal with it. Just keep doing it the right way and everything will play out as it should.

19-06-2015, 20:44
I have a very hard time calling it Cheating if game allows it. If the game says its clean, how can you call it cheating?
I call it poor design, or a huge oversight.

19-06-2015, 20:50
I have a very hard time calling it Cheating if game allows it. If the game says its clean, how can you call it cheating?
I call it poor design, or a huge oversight.

When the makers of the game acknowledge it and say it needs to be cleaned up.

19-06-2015, 20:52
maybe cheating is the wrong word its more of a game exploit

19-06-2015, 21:14
I don't think it's cheating either as long as you can do these things. I just refuse to do it the way that they're doing it. It's called integrity it's hard to find these days but some of us still have some. I understand why some people get mad about it and for them I just say understand your place on the leaderboard and know it will eventually be fixed. The real racers know who the real top guys are and where the leaderboards really start.

19-06-2015, 21:53
^+1 for integrity
I don't do much TT for other reasons than corner cutters
Still consider it cheating. Have the balls to do it right.

Ps Back on topic... It doesn't really matter I think the backing up before start line. I've set my times on lap 2/3/4 sometimes. What TT are you talking about?

19-06-2015, 22:03
It's on the Cal Highway, a point to point race. p2p must be a standing start to be fair