View Full Version : Storing car setups

19-06-2015, 20:54
Hi folks.

I know this topic has been discussed a lot, I don't want to muddy the waters with others suggestions, but I'm crying out for a new solution.

Forza 5, (and 4 I think) had a great setup section, providing a testing session where every setup change could be tested live, on circuit, without loads of pits and cold tyres. Forza has a lot of faults, but that section of the game is actually brilliant and inspired.

It would be nice not to have to drive 4 laps of a circuit to get the tires up to temperature just to test a 1 degree change of camber or 10l fuel load. A sim purist might say that's how reality is, but a newcomer to driving games will call it a pain in the arse and probably give up, missing out on a huge part of the game. Yes, I said game. So shoot me!

Any setup of a car should be saved against the car id. Naming the setup (and therefore track information) should be up to the user. And every setup for 'that car' should be available to load at any location. It's really quite simple when you think about it. Unless setups have been programmed in an extremely convoluted fashion it should be pretty easy to change.

Returning to the pits to make really simple changes, or messing about in the garage to manage setups is going to put people off, especially when your major rival Forza is so good at this.

Could you please bump the setup situation up the priority list? All the possibilities are there, they're just too complicated to access. Please don't let Forza 6 kill you off.