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20-06-2015, 08:17
Hello all, I have a few questions that are too varried to post in one place. I find it hard to find the right post as there are so many and quite a few duplicated
or running off topic. So here are my questions.
1. Has the sign up for pCARS 2 started yet?
2. After 2015 will there still be updates and free DLC for pCARS 1?
3.Will pit crews come back, if so when?
4.Will there be a driver swap facility update implemented for on line races/ League races?
5 Will there be a facility like Trading Paint for pCARS?
6.Will there be a facility to enable live race reporting like RaceSpot tv?
7.Will there be a contact/impact penalty system devised or enabled ?
8.Will snow be implemented in the weather system ?
9.Will the community/modders get access at any time in the future ?
10. Will my questions ever end ?
I would prefer an answer from a current Dev but if thats not possible please do not answer or guess unless you are in the know and
please stay on topic and discuss the questions above only. Thank you.

20-06-2015, 10:15
1. No
2. Yes
3. Yes, SMSoon
4-7. Politely ask Ian:)
8. Definitely no:)
9. No
10. :)

20-06-2015, 11:26
1.Generally very good games take time to develop(looking at you blizzard,valve,bethesda). It just doesn't give me confidence when I hear about PCARS 2 when the first iteration got out like last month. Not a fan of the call of duty model.
10.they are good questions.