View Full Version : *MULTIPLAYER ONLY* FFB Loss during Party Chat & Reset of Wheel Rotation between Races

Dan Brightstone
20-06-2015, 12:33
Hi all,

Had a look on the list of bugs and hadn't noticed the following:

Using a TX wheel fully updated with V.49 and Game fully patched with 1.4

Firstly, when either joining / starting / snapping a party the wheel looses all FFB, this continues after i unsnap and also happens both when in multiplayer and career, I've found a work around for the moment by joining / starting party etc, once joined unsnap party, press the XB Home Button, once back a home press A to return to game and FFB returns.

Secondly, this only seems to happen when in multiplayer, but before stating the issue and to give more info, each time i start the game and before i calibrate the wheel i manually set my degrees of rotation to 360 (mode button held, left press on d pad etc), I've read that others state the game changes this depending on the car but I've not found this to be the case and unless i manually alter it will stay with the default 900.

The issue I've been finding is when a new online race starts the wheel resets itself to the default 900 of rotation, once changed back to 360 manually it will hold that choice until the race if over, if the weekend includes practice and quali i would need to set to 360 degrees at the start of practice and it will then hold my selection correctly though practice, quali and until the race is over and I've returned to the lobby. The process then needs repeating continually for any further races, also should state I've found this to happen in both private and public lobbies.

Could this kindly be something to look into and maybe add to the XB1 bug list for future patches

Many Thanks

20-06-2015, 12:44
Xbox One issue. Was like that, has been like that. IMO leave you DOR at 900 & just adjust steering ratio in tuning. Works for me :)

20-06-2015, 15:02
It happens mainly in Multiplayer. But I've had it happen once or twice in single player. But yes snapping an app or sometimes even just progressing to a new session causes loss of ffb. I haven't noticed DOR change cuz mine is set to 900. But I never had a problem before pcars with losing ffb so I think it should be added to the bug list if not already.

When it does happen, try hitting the home button and coming back into the game that seems to get it back sometimes, otherwise go to home screen and unplug the power from wheel and plug back in then go back into game that's reported to have gotten it back for some guys too.

Dan Brightstone
20-06-2015, 15:14
Would some others kindly be willing to test the DOR issue I've been having in multiplayer and just pop a note back on what their findings are? ;)

PTG Claret
20-06-2015, 15:52
The DOR does reset whene very you go to dashboard from the game, and back again.

Seems the patch now interupts the wheel, resetting it to 900.

Not annoying in the slightest. .........

20-06-2015, 16:55
The DOR resets after a session and when it returns to PCars menu screen since 1.4, this is a 1.4 issue as did not do it with 1.3 and did it with Firmware 4.8 and 4.9.