View Full Version : TX Wheel Vibrating in Corners?

20-06-2015, 18:52
For a few days now My FFB has been working great now with the TX. But today it's suddenly vibrating very much and very quickly during the corners when it weights up, and this has not been happening. I tried resetting my settings, unplugging the wheel, unplugging and restarting the Xbox. But the problem persists. I thought it might be a problem with my wheel but it worked fine on forza and on pc with assetto corsa. So does anyone have any advice? Any settings that can cause this or fix it?

Brent G
20-06-2015, 18:56
If your using Deadzone removal in your FFB settings try reducing that. Also, have you updated the wheels firmware to v.49.B9? If not go to the thrustmaster support page and follow the instruction there.

Brent G
20-06-2015, 18:59
Infact go to post; 1.4 FFB. You'll find good info there to get you set up nice.