lmp4 24
21-06-2015, 03:55
After 1.4 patch ffb felt superb. Come to find out after running about 3 laps or so it went to about 100% feel to 30% feel. So went into pits and then back out to track 100% feel again for a couple of laps then back down to 30% again. Does it everytime I try to play. Has anyone else have this problem and is there a solution?

21-06-2015, 06:55
Sounds like your wheel is overheating.

lmp4 24
21-06-2015, 18:58
Doubtful if it's overheating within 5 min of being turned on.

21-06-2015, 22:44
Doubtful if it's overheating within 5 min of being turned on.

Sounds like it's heating.

The stronger you have the FFB the faster it will heat, the quicker the FFB fade will kick in. In the pits the fan will finish cooling it down, and the strength will increase.

If it actually overheats the FFB will suddenly disappear.

Try turning down your tyre force, and the FFB should drop off at a slower pace.

Or you could void your warranty and improve the fan/airflow.

lmp4 24
22-06-2015, 01:51
Thanks , but that's not the problem.

22-06-2015, 03:44
Is the update automatic? Turned on my game today, the wheel oscillated back and forth rapidly, after that I have no force feedback at all.

25-06-2015, 05:55
problem is now corrected.

PTG Claret
25-06-2015, 08:28
Turning my FFB down fixed this for me.

I'm currently considering putting a new fan in the body.

25-06-2015, 10:08
I have something else, the ffb starts acting really twitchy and weird after about 15 laps.. Shoking badly and on and straights very hard to keep wheel straight.. Very weird. First I thought this was due tire wear but thats not it as tires start wearing much later on... :P SO don't know what this is

25-06-2015, 13:51
I can't even use my Thrustmaster TX wheel since the 1.04 patch update. I've reset everything to default, car tunes & FFB settings, main-menu FFB settings. Updated my Thrustmaster TX firmware. It's now constantly turning itself off and on and resetting.

I've confirmed the following issues:
1.) If you force the wheel past the rotation limit with any force, the wheel resets. Ie.: You're set to 360d rotation, you have 180 each way. If you go to 180 and then force it to say 190-200, the wheel turns off, turns on, resets and re-calibrates to the standard 900. Assuming that the pedals didn't mis-calibrate during the unforeseen reset, you can change the rotation limit back to 360 and continue as though nothing happened.

2.) If I have my wheel turned even 45-90 & hit the brakes (or a wall) the force feedback effect causes my wheel to lock-up, turn off, turn on, reset & re-calibrate similar to #1.

3.) On the main menu control settings, in the force feedback settings: The Tire Force Setting - I had set to 160 pre-1.04 patch. This caused major oscillation during the wheel calibrating setup. Turning this down to 100 allowed me to properly calibrate the wheel at the main menu, but the in-game crashing is still occurring.