View Full Version : Formula A in Monza and AI question

21-06-2015, 07:44
Yesterday I wanted to try Formula A in Monza.

As I always do, I first checked how fast the 100% AI qualifies by simulating a session and I saw that the fastest car was around 1'26.

So I started a few practice laps, car setup as default (just lowered front and back wings a bit) and after a few laps driving like a pig I was able to achieve 1'27.2.

This alerted me that something was wrong somewhere, how can I almost match best of 100% AI's lap time after a few practicing laps, making braking mistakes with a car not optimized? I searched for hot laps in YouTube and found some guys making 1'20.3 (no corners cheating). 6 seconds faster!!!

AI's time is however matching real F1 laps (in 2014 Lewis Hamilton made 1'26.1 pole) so its ok, but I think something is wrong with our ability to go much faster.
If I practice a lot and tune my car well I can make at least 3-4 seconds per lap faster than the 100% AI, where is the challenge?

I'm not ranting or anything but I'm wondering if that's intended or not.

PS: sorry didn't see that other post : http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?28339-ANSWERED-Formula-AI-too-slow

John Hargreaves
21-06-2015, 08:03
I'd suggest skip quali, start the race from the back of the grid, hang back for the first half of the lap til they settle down and then have a crack at the race from there. I'll bet you get plenty of challenge that way, and you'll have a blast doing it.

N0body Of The Goat
21-06-2015, 08:14

The 2011 spec real F1 cars are a rough representation of pCARS' Formula A.

Bare in mind that in real life, most setup changes are "locked" before qualifying starts, their setup has to be raceable with enough fuel to do the 53 laps (and then get back round to the pits and have at least a ~1 litre fuel sample if demanded by the FIA).
For a qualifying stint, they need enough fuel for an out-lap, flyinf lap; in-lap (and I think a fuel sample if demanded by the FIA).
I 2011, IIRC, they could use unlimited DRS during qualifying and ~6secs of KERS per lap, but in the race DRS was limited to zones.

In pCARS, time trial mode fixes the fuel at 5l (less than one lap) and fuel load drastically changes how the Formula A drives.