View Full Version : Project Cars Digital Foundry fps tests (patch v1.04)

21-06-2015, 08:29
Digital Foundry released their latest fps test videos...

Project Cars Xbox One Patch 1.04 vs 1.01 Frame-Rate Test

Xbox One vs PS4 Frame-Rate Test (patch v1.04)

21-06-2015, 08:39
Confers with the average 5-7% has expected :)

21-06-2015, 15:56
Ian said in a post I made regarding PS4 and rebuilding the database that work is still ongoing to improve performance and I suspect to reduce screen tear and if this is true then I am very happy to hear this. I'd even prefer less effects with a solid 60fps no torn frames then eye candy to be honest, but the fact they've improved IQ and added brake light reflections and obtained a fps boost, well it bodes well for future improvements in the performance dept.

Once they get a working pit crew and with a gradual increase of the number of cars (not that is a poor choice now truth told) , with performance increases and pit strategies fixed then this game will be untouchable in terms of providing that proper track day experience of competing in a competitive championship.

the only jarring issues for my right now that limits my full attention to this game is the irksome torn frames - more so at Azure circuits or point to point tracks and when I pit, it feels very dead. But forgo these issues then its one heck of a racing title which when racing 35 cars over a 25 lap around silverstone in a GT3 car - if you win then you have had some fun and a heck of a smile across your face..

David McKenna
21-06-2015, 16:09
I have found that the screen tear is now much better on the Azure Coast, but there is still a lot pop up even on time trials.

21-06-2015, 17:37
what's up with fps hit with temporal setting at 0? ... and why not have extra slider for motion blur?