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21-06-2015, 15:07
So, after playing for a little while I have decided I want to get into this whole project cars thing a bit more. After going online, I could not really find what I was looking for so here I am.
I am looking for some people who I can not only race with, but also learn with. I would like to host a small track day (road cars) and make some friends. I'm new to this community and would really like to throw my self in here since I don't really know where to start. If anyone is interested, you can message me here and/or add me on Skype @ skyhawks225. Ill leave a little info about my self bellow. Id be happy if I even meet one person with whom I can play. All my other friends are not into racing and I'm in the blue here. Hope to meet some of you soon !

Name: Daniel
Age: 18
Born in Toronto, Canada however I have been living in Germany for the last 3 years
I am fluent in English, German and Polish.
I am an avid flight simulator enthusiast and a new racing enthusiast.
I own a Logitech G27 Racing wheel.

Eric Bergeret
22-06-2015, 08:36
we need your steam if you want us to add you ;)

22-06-2015, 09:00
If the region is not a problem (i m in europe), you can join in my sessions with name Pro clutch only and some times only my name (dragonsyr).
is always in 90' practice 15' Q , 10 laps race .
No assists , manual gears , cockpit cam only , damages,tyres,fuel real.

possible times GMT 09:00 - 17:00
you r welcome

Eric Bergeret
22-06-2015, 09:08
thanks for the infos.
for me is not gonna be good because i play the simulation card, no aids as never mean real for me "well no aids is not real at all in fact :o".
i turn off assist when irl it's allowed, if you see what i mean.

also if you want many driver, i know a lot of them who use the hood because cockpit is dangerous to see other cars and also they have 1 screen, take that more like a tips than something else mate .:o
have fun :p
90min pratice for 10 lap race , people gonna leave before the race start.
30' 15' 10L should force them to stay.

22-06-2015, 14:50
i understand what you mean but,
i m interested to find racers for practice this moment....
im fine with 2-3 racers like me . as for the cockpit , you have mirrors . only butterflies and flies is on hood in a car :)
the reason for 90' practice is real for practice...... setup the car for full lenght races.

also Aids are banned in F1, and most racing competitions prohibit all aids, as they want the driver to be in control of the car

KERS, DRS and active suspension aren't driver assists