View Full Version : looking for a league with real aids (PC)

21-06-2015, 17:16
hey guys,

as the title says... im looking for a league with real driving aids on PC... seems to be the needle in the haystack ;)

comming from GTR/GTR2 and took a mayor break from sim-racing... now im back and fully addicted to this wonderful game...

i have quite a few races under my belt and i guess i know how to behave on track.

but (of course) im willing to go through any kind of trials...

my schedeule looks pretty good... no wife, no kids, and im located in germany... so anything around GMT would be highly apprechiated...


21-06-2015, 19:34
Same here for 2 more racers coming from germany.
We have been searching for a league without aids and fair competitive racing.
We have a lot league races under our belt, too, started online with rF in 2007. Would be nice to find sth.

21-06-2015, 19:54
hey cialfi...

to be clear... lookin for league with REAL aids... so the prototypes come with TC, GT3 with ABS etc.

but i guess were on the same page :D

22-06-2015, 00:26
Take a look here: http://pcars-forum.de/thema/3102-info-gt3-meisterschaft-hauptthema-post-1-2-alle-infos/

Kann ja auch auf deutsch schreiben... Ist schon voll die Liga. Aber aus Erfahrung wird eh nicht immer jeder da sein. Momentan geht es eh erstmal darum, ob das Spiel ligatauglich ist. Es gibt einfach noch zu viele Bugs, als dass es 100%ig funktionieren wrde.

22-06-2015, 07:06
prima, danke :D

Eric Bergeret
22-06-2015, 07:23
english pls guy's :)

22-06-2015, 15:53
Check this link

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