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Alpha Dog
21-06-2015, 19:06

Great Game! On the telemetry hud for PS4: Aren't the vertical labels next to the tires really measuring (from TOP to Bottom) Bump stop, Ride Height, and steering Travel? On my screen they are listed as Bump, Travel and Height--in other words, Travel and Height seem to be reversed. I could not see the labels for days because the fade into the background, but I think I figured out what the measurements are, and then I saw the labels. Something does not feel right. LOL. Maybe I still have not figured out what the numbers mean--if not, what am I missing?


21-06-2015, 19:20
Bumpstop length, available suspension travel, and body ride height. Some cars have low bodywork. I wrote another reply to this try searching my other posts. Regards.

22-06-2015, 08:10
Thanks for the reply.
Is there any advantage to modify the stop length if the car do not get damages: I see many tuning setups with stops close to 1mm?
If we modify the ride heigth, do we have to modify the suspension settings too (+/- stiffness...)