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21-06-2015, 19:39
As a part of Fusion F1 racing league broadening into Project Cars I have been setting up a league. With good attendance in our F1 league we hope to achieve a similar situation with Project, we would be using our server which isn't available for F1.

We would race 8 races for Season 1 and assess the interest from there.

All the assists are off / forced realistic driving aids.

All information could be seen at either
- Our Steam group - 'Fusion Racing League' or
- Our Website (Shortcut to Project Cars section) - http://www.fusion-squad.eu/forum/forum/63-project-cars/

The Races would vary in length from more of a Sprint type (1hr) towards an endurance (upto 2hr 40mins for Le mans) Practice session would be on Tuesday's and Thursday's starting at 19:00 GMT, along with an hour before qualifying. Qualifying is directly before the race.

Preferably we are looking for racers with compatible wheels not controllers.

Our own Teamspeak server could also be used for easier communication during races/ Team whispering.

We will be encouraging clean racing throughout just like our F1 League with mature members to have a good racing experience.

Season start date TBA depending on number of entrants.

If interested sign up here - http://www.fusion-squad.eu/forum/topic/3904-fusion-project-cars-league-sign-up/

If you have any question feel free to add me on steam - snake9400.

23-06-2015, 23:19
Spaces still available