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21-06-2015, 23:08
Today we did a race at Le Mans. 1 hour race, with a bit of rain.
Le mans is one of my favorite tracks in the game, and the BMW V12 is my favorite car, so I was really looking forward for this race.

Long story short (well, not-so-short):
I started around 13th place (random grid), at the end of the 1st lap I was in 4th place, and was there till the rain came, I drove a few laps with slicks in the beginning part of the rain, until the car became unstable, I calculated so, that if I do 1 more lap, and fill the car to full with fuel, then I can do it with 1 stop.
So I did another very careful lap, and was goint into the pits.
Set tires to Wet, fuel to 90l (max), and closed the window.

I come out of the pits, no fuel was added, in the 1st corner I already knew I still had the slicks...
I did another very careful lap, wanted to make room for someone at the Porsche curves, so he can overtake me, as he was on wets already, but I spun out into the barrier, had to reverse, car was damaged.
Ok, no issue I needed to go into pits anyway... Set full fuel again, extreme wet tires.

I come out of the pits car was repaired, refueled, tires were changed. (Why not the first time already?) All good... Well, not.
Before the Mulsanne straigh the rear-left was red, I check, and while driving in straight, my tires go up-and-up in temperature 120-130-140C...

At the end of the mulsanne straigh I had fronts at 155C, and rear at 160C, so I tought extreme wet would overheate, I slowed down, and was going into the pits again...
Changed to wet. Guess what...
At the end of the Mulsanne straigh, my fronts were 155C, and the rear 160C,

I decided I don't care, I am in 19th place (out of 22) - was 4th before I had to pit 3 times, so I just continue with the cooking tires. /I was really disappointed at that moment./

Than I did, the next 10 laps wuth, my tires constantly around 155-160C, no loss of grip tough, no exploding tire, I managed to climb up to 10th place at the end of the race. Could have been podium. :(

To sum it up:
- For some reason when entering the pits the first time, no change was made to my car.
- Ist also quite annoying, that the Helmet view gets changed to Cockpit view after every pitstop.
- When entering the pits a 2nd time, the changes were made as they should have been already the first time.
- After changing to Exreme wets, tyre temperatures go up, even in a straight line.
- After changing to Wets same issue occures again, temperatures go up all the was to 160C
- Altough temps go up to 160C, there is no damage to the tyres.
- Also before the start I can choose LMP900 Soft Slicks, medium, hard (I believe), Intermediate, and Full Wet, during pits I can choose Soft, Medium, Hard, Inter, Wet, Extreme Wet, yet before the start there is no extreme wet for the car. Others reported, that Inters in the change dialog are not inters.

I am sure these issues are known, and that the devs are working on them, and this is most likely an issue in the code.

Yet I would like to suggest a few things regarding the pit stop strategy.

The current pit stop system is clumsy in my point of view.
This is because:

Edit current. (Radical Dry)
Select active / View saved
Swap Driver

1st: Menu naming.
I think, that (altough you learn it after a time), but its a bit confusing, when it says, Edit Current <Setup name>.
Maybe its just me, but when I see this I automaticly assume that this is the button to select another setup, because the name is in there.

2nd: Menu Order.
I think, that the fact, that the option to edit is the forst button and the option to select the secund, is also a bit confusing, people like to do things in a row.
If I go from top ti bottom I first would edit the setup, then select another, and then close the dialog.
I think a much better arrangement would be:
[Select the setup]
[Edit the setup]
[close the Window]

3rd: Selecting a setup.
Its realyl annoying to have to thick the Yes / No button, to apply the setup, its too complicated. It should normally be enough to just click on the line, why toggle a button? I do not find any reason for that, and its just another thing, that is a bit confusing about the process, if I just try to do it quickly, because my pit box is at the beginning of the pits, I almost surely forget to click the Yes/No button first, then have to go into the menu again,a nd select it again.

4th: Add amount of fuel.
The way we select to put in fuel is just way too confusing.
Sometimes it does not add at all, sometimes it fills the car to full, and tbh. I still havent worked out how exactly it works.
In my opinion, this should be a much less complex system.

It should either be: How much fuel you want to fill in.
OR: How much fuel should be in the car after the stop.

I would prefer the "How much additional fuel should we put in into the car" way.

5th: Change tyres.
Simpy clicking 4 times, and selecting four different tires, takes just way too much time.
Apart from the fact, that tyre names during pit stop are not the same as they were before the start is a lot confusing. - but I believe its a known issue.

I think, that the 4 tires should be linked together, because mostly you don't change only 1 tyre to wets.
So If I change one tyre, all others should change with it. There should be an option to toggle this, just in case. But tbh. i can't see why someone would place different tyres on different wheels.

Changing the pressure: Well, same as above, they should be linked, so If i change one, the other should relatively change too.
For example, I have FR: 140 FL: 140 RR: 125 RL: 125 and add +20 to the FR tyre, FL should automatically change to 160 too, and RR and RL to 145 (+20)
Also tyre pressure should be set by default to the pressure we strted the race with. (imo)

This would make the whole process a lot faster.

6th: Pit stop relative to pit garage position.
Introduced in patch 1.4 was a system that does not start the pit stop until we click on close.
This is great, but there is an issue with it.
If my Pit garage is the first in the pit, I have much less time to adjust things, then the player who has the last garage.

So to negate this, there should maybe be a quick menu maybe replacing the current one, or added to the current, like this:
[Fix damage:] :yes:
[Change Tyres:] :yes:
[Refuel:] [10L] [20L]:yes: [30L] [50L] [70L] [Full]
[Penalty] :no:

These would be set based on the pit strategy selected before the race.
So in case I do NOT want to change tyres, or refuel, just Fix damage, it would take me only 2 clicks.

[Fix damage] :yes:
[Change Tyres] :no:
[Refuel:] :no: [10L] [20L] [30L] [50L] [70L] [Full]
[Penalty] :no:

Or any combination, with a maximum of 3 clicks. (since serving a Penalty does negate the stop anyway).
AFTER the car arrives at the pit box, it would start doing the changes based on the pre-selected pit stop strategy.
THEN the current pit stop adjustement menu would appear, where I can select the tyre pressure, the type of tyre, etc.

If I choose to edit the setup, then I could do it till the end of the pit lane, since the car already was in the pits, and was stationary, for the needed amount of time anyway.

Example: I choose to change only tyres to wets:
I do 2 click:
[Fix damage] :no:
[Change Tyres] :yes:
[Refuel:] :no: [10L] [20L] [30L] [50L] [70L] [Full]
[Penalty] :no

Car is then stationary for lets say 5 secunds.
BUT: I could select the tyre pressure, and the type of the tyre till the car exits the pits, since the car was stationary for the amount of time needed to change the tyres anyway. This way the guy who has the first pit box, does nto have any disadvantage over the guy who has the last pit box.

IF I want to refuel the car, I could select any given amount of Liter (Or Full), and then I could on the detailed dialog box adjust it, but only upwards before/during the stop, or downward after the stop.

Sorry for the long write.

Neil Bateman
21-06-2015, 23:44
I have to agree on most of this, mainly with the first and last pit stalls

In 2 races with pit stops i have had the first stall and the last stall, the last stall gives you plenty of time to make any changes, save it and close the box, your car stops and work starts, the first stall your car stops and your still making changes, no work starts till your done, save it and close the box.

It doesnt matter how much time you lose, 3 seconds or 10 seconds its a big deal and could rob you of a victory.

In NR2003 you had the "F" boxes, you pressed say F5 which bought up your 4 tyres, you then used space bar to select either left side, right side, all 4 or none, same with fuel, track bar adjustments, you could do this at anytime while racing right upto the point your car entered the pit box, if you were going fuel only but locked up going in and got a red front tyre you could make the change with two presses on the space bar even if you were the firts stall.

21-06-2015, 23:53
+1 Million.

As far as the Known-Issues-Thread tells, the broken pitstops arent "known". Only the overheating tires.


And why do l have to refuel my car, when the current amount of fuel in the car would be enough to finish the race?
There really is no reason to use pitstops, its a 50/50 chance of whether you get what you ordered or not.

22-06-2015, 02:12
The pit stops are definitely weird, why do I have to change temps? Just put new tires on the car!

22-06-2015, 02:51
Great post and great info/ideas you put together.

I'm not willing to race with "workarounds".

My project cars at this moment:
- Career mode supended (tire issues)
- MP long races supended (pit issues)
- Time trial suspended (track limit issues)
- Community (same as above)

I do some setups here and there and go for laps by myself at tracks I don't know pretty well.
5/10 laps MP but not on Sarthe for sure (lack of penalty for cutting)

This not what I expected from this game after all but all game market is delivering products with bugs nowadays.
I do like this title and I hope you guys fix those major issues soon!

22-06-2015, 08:52
My project cars at this moment:
- Career mode supended (tire issues)
- MP long races supended (pit issues)
- Time trial suspended (track limit issues)
- Community (same as above)

Well I did not experience any issues (apart from TT/Community), but yesterdays race had them all :(

Olijke Poffer
22-06-2015, 09:19
lets hope they overhaul the whole pitstop procedure.

22-06-2015, 09:42
Good post.

I agree with changing all four corners (tyre type and pressure adjustment) with a single choice, it's the most likely setup.
I'd also like to be able to set a pit warning, so if you set up your strategy to pit on lap 15 of a 30 lap race, get the pit stop pop-up message flag you (as the mandatory pit message does in career mode). Oh and why not give a mandatory pit stop and/or force tyre types in lobby setup too ;)

I posted about the tyre choices being different here http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?31581-Wrong-tyres-fitted-at-pit-stop-and-different-choices-available-too!&p=994612&viewfull=1#post994612
and was directed here http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?31531-Solo-Race&p=994749&viewfull=1#post994749
and to be honest I don't understand the explanation.

Loving the PCars journey however like anything, once you have a little, you just want a little bit more (I work in SW too!)