View Full Version : Xbox game won't play at all!!!

21-06-2015, 23:47
i have checked the forum and have not found issues such as mine. Due to work, I have not played for approx 2 weeks, but game was working, enough to play at least. Tried playing today, and the load screen says update needed, shows that Xbox doing the update, says done, then goes back to load screen... Does this EVERY TIME I click on game to play! Please help. Was looking forward to patch 1.4 to hopefully cure my game ails, but now can't play at all!

21-06-2015, 23:50
I am in process of re-downloading entire game.. Did notice the 2 car packs that came via pre-ordering were stuck over in "waiting to install" area, even though game manager said were downloaded... I may have fixed that prob as now all 6 possible items for game are in my queue to download now...

TheReaper GT
22-06-2015, 00:42
Give your box a hard reset, it should work

22-06-2015, 01:16
This ^^^

22-06-2015, 19:50
You are just dissing the game for no apparent reason