View Full Version : Awesome Game + a few small requests for SMS

22-06-2015, 08:53
So I would just like to say what a great job you guys have done with pcars I have done around 80hrs of play totally addicted love the game!

1. Can the AI line be adjusted slightly on the exit of Chapel at Silverstone the AI always seem to hit the kerb on the left sending their cars into the air causing them to loose all momentum at the beginning of the straight allowing you to catch them quite easily. Can their line be moved so they miss this? This is GT3 class 100% AI PS4

2. Bentley Continental GT this car is nuts and a great inclusion for the game,I was doing Donington GP circuit yesterday and noticed the rending is a bit rough in the rear view mirror. Just to be clear I was using cockpit view.

3. Would love to see the Corvette,Viper and the new GT40 in the GT3 class.

4. The Aston Martin art car livery at this year Le Mans was pretty cool....hint hint....

Keep up the good work looking forward to more updates + DLC