View Full Version : HORI steering wheel controller 4 setup PS4

22-06-2015, 09:35

For those who are unfortunate to have bought a HORI steering wheel controller for Project CARS for PS4 and the manual was written in japanese (or just confused or doesnt want to read the manual), i posted a quick tutorial guide on how to effectively use the controller for the game despite not being included on the official list of steering wheels BUT officially licensed by Sony for use on PS4...

Fyi: this wheel can also be used for the PC version as long as the controller is set to playstation 3 mode

I'll try to help should there be any questions related to the steering wheel

06-01-2016, 19:18
Thanks! I'm one of the unfortunate ones who bought the jap version but thankfully your vid was easy to follow XD! BTW sir, what would you recommend as the best and smoothest setting for Deadzone, throttle etc. settings? One that's easiest to control. Thanks again!