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22-06-2015, 13:00
Afterrnoon guys n gals! Hope your all well this fine day, im going to be setting up a few online races trying to involve as many of you as possible!
Races will be held most evenings, time variable, and sundays 1pm GMT.
Events will consist of:- 1 10 min practice ses, 1, 5 min qualy ses, followed by a 15-20 lap race.
Locations will be decided via a vote, and car class will mostly be GT3/ FORMULA C,
For more info or to be apart of this (fun) community race/ races, please respond via forum with gamertag or alternitavly, send a quick message on xb1, GT Rampage8993.
I will follow up this post this afternoon around 3:30, GMT.
Look forward to all your responses.

22-06-2015, 13:46
I would love to join , i also have about 3 buddies who will probably join since we have been stuck racing between the 4 of us due to the lack of matchmaking, we are not the best racers but we do like to race clean! :)

GT: RealHuskiezzz

22-06-2015, 14:16
YES! Getting bored with career. Took the day off and down for some racing.
GT: Peoples72

22-06-2015, 14:23
Going to be started at 16:00 GMT Invites will follow shortly after!! Thank you guys so much for the response!
Cast your votes now!
We will be racing formula c today, track vote is now open! Go for it ;)

22-06-2015, 14:37
#1 donnington gp
#2 barthurst
#2 watkins glen

23-06-2015, 15:21
pcars racing