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22-06-2015, 14:14
The new FFB in the latest update feels great. I was finding it a little weak, even at 100. But now I need Schwarznegger arms just to turn the car! Tweaked it slightly and now it feels perfect. Love the game, keep it up :)

22-06-2015, 14:17
If you using a Thrustmaster TX, did you also download the newly released firmware V49?

22-06-2015, 23:30
If you using a Thrustmaster TX, did you also download the newly released firmware V49?

No I haven't even done that yet. I'm not sure if it even makes much of a difference to pCars anyway

22-06-2015, 23:55
Patch 1.4 went live on my Xbox One and I also updated the firmware on my TX wheel to version 49, which was released late last week specifically to "Optimize Xbox One Force Feedback Protocol." I played Project CARS on my Xbox One with my TX wheel for several hours this weekend and the FFB is MUCH better. It is plenty strong and there is now center spring. The FFB on the Xbox One version is just as good as the FFB on the PC version. Here are the general settings I am using for the FFB:

In PCars control panel

Overall Force Feedback 100

Tire force 100

Per Wheel Movement 0.0

Per Wheel Movement squared 0.0
Wheel Position Smoothing 0.04
Deadzone removal range .05
Deadzone removal falloff .01
Linkage Scale 0.0
Linkage Stiffness 1.0
Linkage Damping 1.0
Relative Adjust Gain .98
Relative adjust Bleed .10
Relative adj clamp .96
Scoop Knee .70
Scoop Reduction .25
Soft Clipping (Half Input) 0.0
Soft Clipping (Full Output) 0.0

Under Vehicle Tuning Setup > Force Feedback > Spindle

Master Scale 20 (I sometimes increase this if the FFB for a particular car is light)
Fx Scale 54
Fy Scale 54
Fz Scale 60
Mz Scale 90.01 (this is almost like spring center, it will determine how much resistance you get turning the front wheels)

All Smoothing set at 0.0

Arm Angle 1200

Under Vehicle Tuning Setup > Force Feedback > Body & SOP

Body Scale 0.01
Body Longitudinal Scale 0.01
Body Stiffness 100
Body Damping 100

SoP Scale 100
SoP Lateral Scale 70
SoP Differential Scale 100
SoP Damping 0.0

If you are experiencing issues with stuttering and/or frame rate slowdown, do a hard reset of your Xbox One. I also read a post in these forums that advised setting the Power to "Power Save" mode, instead of "Instant On" mode. That will eliminate some background apps from interfering with Project CARS. Also, I read that its good to shut the game down each time you finish playing, rather than keeping it running and then resuming. SMS is working on Patch 1.5, which they say will increase the FPS by another 10-15% and help with slowdown on some of the worst tracks.

At this point, IMO the Xbox One version of Project CARS with the TX wheel is ready for primetime and is finally fully functional and very enjoyable!!!!

23-06-2015, 06:41
Tagged this so I can try the settings when I get home.