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22-06-2015, 15:14
I'm sure this has been said already, but I need to vent for 3 seconds. Since patch 1.4, every time i start pCARS the wheel rotation degree resets back to 900. it used to save previous settings regardless of turning my system off or not.

all done now.

22-06-2015, 15:17
U sure? Cuz every time my wheel shut off it reset DOR always

22-06-2015, 15:23
100% sure. only has happened post patch
using TM TX 458 italia btw

22-06-2015, 15:25
It is supposed to reset as the game requires the wheel to be at 900 default, It then sets DOR for each car internally.

22-06-2015, 15:26
Ive got the tx and mine has never saved the wheel settings its always defaulted to 900 dor when i plug it in.

22-06-2015, 17:47
I have the TX. And yes, it used to save the wheel settings, but no longer does.

However, I'm not 100% sure, but I think that started after I installed the recent firmware update. And to be honest, that seems more likely to be the culprit, since I don't see how the Xb1 could change the settings on the wheel base. It's been a while, but I'm pretty sure when I first bought the wheel they said the DOR settings would reset when the base was powered off. For some reason that wasn't happening with me. I skipped/missed the last firmware update, so I've been running version 47 this whole time. If it is the firmware, it's possible the no save thing began in version 48. That might explain why others have experienced it prior to the release of 49, and I didn't.

22-06-2015, 21:27
i just updated firmware today (after the reset of DOR issue occured) so on my end, it is not a firmware issue. I left pCARS paused yesterday during a practice session to watch the last few holes of the US Open and when I returned, DOR was reset to 900, not the 270 i left it at. Xbox didnt turn off and obviously the wheel stayed plugged in.

22-06-2015, 21:31
if you lower the dor on the wheel then go back to xbox home or do anything out of game , when you go back in it resets back to 900 as far as i can tell

23-06-2015, 01:09
This is gonna suck, then. :(