View Full Version : a force feedback wheel for a starting/casual sim-racer

22-06-2015, 18:32

im new to the sim-racing games. Played some arcade racers, but never a sim-racer. Im playing on Steam/pc, atm im playing with a xbox 360 controller. This plays oké.

I started to browse for force feedback wheels. The high-end and thus pricey ones arent an option. So i started to look at cheaper wheels with a max price of 100/150 euro.
Wheels without force feedback do not look like wheels i should get, but cant realy find where the big difference is and what specs to look for in a wheel.

With my budget is it even possible to find a proper wheel with force feedback?

any advice would be appreciated :)

22-06-2015, 18:34
Obligatory Thrustmaster TX mention..

edit: Oops sorry I didn't see your budget. I guess the TX isn't really an option. I also had the 458 Italia by Thrustmaster. No FFB (force feed back) but it's a damn good wheel for under 100 euros.

paul maidens
22-06-2015, 18:48
Probably the logitech DFGT or thrustmaster T100 for your price range.

22-06-2015, 18:49
You could probably get a Logitech DFGT in that price range. Or you can try finding a used Logitech G25/G27.