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Jon r43
22-06-2015, 18:56
That's me by the way in the title.....

Not played a proper racing sim before and struggling with a few things in Career mode.....

Seem to be able to blow the engine really easy on a whole range of cars, tips for avoiding this....?

Also seem to be able to overheat the tyres really easily again on lots of cars......?

I'm guessing I need to work on driving more smoothly any other thoughts??

Siberian Tiger
22-06-2015, 18:59
For Good Tips, it's important to know on which Controller you are playing...

Also consider to deactivate the Mechanical Failures First to learn first to Drive and then all the other things ;)

Jon r43
22-06-2015, 19:08
Standard Ps4 controller

Siberian Tiger
22-06-2015, 19:18
First thing be sure you have automatic Clutch on if you are shifting Manually :)
Then do NOT shift when you are hearing the Limiter shift BEFORE!
Downshifting only when you are in the Right Revs! Not to High!
Drive smooth, because slow means probably fast ;)

Do not overdrive the cars...

22-06-2015, 19:59
Agree with the Siberian Tiger above. There's an old saying in racing -- "Slow in, fast out."

Brake before the corner and make sure you're braking in a straight line, kiss the apex and accelerate through the corner and make sure you're using all of the track whilst respecting the track limits (although online some people have forgotten this!).

Learn the racing lines, you can turn on the suggested line thing in the options somewhere. It's a good tool when just starting out, I started out using it on all tracks but these days I just use it on unfamiliar tracks.

And just don't over drive the cars.

Jon r43
22-06-2015, 21:25
Thanks, obviously a way to go as still using automatic gears!!

22-06-2015, 21:32
Thanks, obviously a way to go as still using automatic gears!!

First thing I would do in your shoes is to learn to drive with manual gears, as it will improve your control of the car as well as improving lap times. :)

22-06-2015, 21:46
Thanks, obviously a way to go as still using automatic gears!!

Yep, manual gears is the way to go! If you're using a controller though you may want to re-map the buttons for that. I know on PS4 the default set up is the L1 and L2 buttons for gear changes but I mapped that to the square and X buttons. It just worked better for me.

23-06-2015, 03:13
Sticky: Develop Your Skills [Safe is Fast] (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?28168)

Jon r43
24-06-2015, 21:33
Tried today and interestingly if you go for automatic gears you can override the change up and downto avoid the over reving so hopefully that will work for a bit as at the moment don't have the coordination to go fully manual!!

24-06-2015, 21:57
One step at a time. Use ABS, traction control, automatic gears, no damage and the racing line. Then as you get faster and better, remove one aid at a time and each time you will eventually get faster.

24-06-2015, 22:22
For the overheating tyres try increasing pressures a bit.

Totally agree with posts above about lines too. I used to be pretty good, but improved enormously after a bit of instruction in RL cars around the Silverstone Stowe circuit. Late braking works for overtaking sometimes but it's not a quick way to race.

25-06-2015, 08:44
Thanks, obviously a way to go as still using automatic gears!!

I totally agreed with the other poster who advised using manual from the get-go. I started off with racing games five years ago using auto gears and I can honestly say that the best way to give up bad habits is to never start them. Braking assist (auto braking) is another bad habit, but you havent stated whether or not you are using it.

Personally, I would advise using only the traction, stability and anti-lock braking assists while you are learning. Pick a car - perhaps a mid range open wheel, they tend to be quite stable and well balanced. Pick a circuit, then use free practice to learn to drive the car on that circuit. The circuit will teach you the car; the car will teach you the circuit - where to brake, which gear to take a turn with. But stick to that circuit until you find yourself not having to think about your gear changes. When you get that you have learned the car and when you are happy with your lap times at that circuit, you can start learning other circuits. You could maybe start at Catalynia as it has a mix of most things you will encounter.

The analogy that best works for me is music, with the car the instrument and the circuit a sonata. You can learn the instrument (car), learn to sight-read music (circuits) but to drive an individual circuit to your best ability, it's best to learn that circuit. The elite drivers are great "sight-readers", but even they "learn" circuits, albeit they can probably learn them in three laps or less. Us mere mortals might need to do a few more.

But the key to this is just like music, learning how to learn something. A racing car has manual gear changes (forget the clutch in a game, especially with a pad); it is a "piano" not a toy keyboard. So learn in small steps. Get around the circuit fairly slowly without going off is the first step, gradually getting faster. Getting around without having to think about your fingers and thumbs (they become automatic) is the next.

Expect a good few hours over a few days. In a few weeks you will be asking questions about technical turns.

Jon r43
28-06-2015, 15:23
Ok I give up......

Can only get the PS4 for the odd hour hear or there.... Who would have kids.....

So switching off macanical failures it is..... That will stop the engine blowing won't it??