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Brent G
22-06-2015, 19:14
Now the FFB is sorted and I've got my set up 99.9% bang on Im properly starting to love this racer. Tonight I decided to have a race at the Nordeschleife, I picked the Aston Martin Vantage GT3 in it's 24 hours guise as my weapon and hit the start button. Well what can I say but wow, WOW! abso-bloody-lutley amazing. It looked fantastic at 19:00 with the sun getting low, the rays piercing through the leaves making my eyes have to constantly adjust to the change from dark to light thanks to the shadows from the foliage. My opponent's darting left and right in my mirrors and the surroundings being reflected through my windscreen, so immersive. Then there's the drive, every little bump, dip or hollow constantly coming through my TX. The steering going light as the front wheels leave the ground and then heavy under compression and down force, the fighting with the wheel as your back end is squirming under braking because you overcooked it a little and the going lock to lock on exit to keep it on the tarmac because your trying to claw back the precious tenths you lost through your misjudged braking! Amazing, just amazing. My teeth are aching from clenching my jaw through concentration and Ive got jelly legs from all the peddle work, project Cars has just given me my best gaming experiance ever. No if's, no but's its as simple as that.

22-06-2015, 23:29

23-06-2015, 00:05
What FF settings ya using?:)

Brent G
23-06-2015, 06:35
What FF settings ya using?:)

I'll post my settings when I get home from work so others can try them. Hopefully they will give the same feel as I'm getting.

Brent G
23-06-2015, 17:20
These settings are from tips I got from very helpful forum members and therfore I take no credit for them. I hope you have as much luck as I with them, Im 99% happy with the other 1% i think not possible to achieve with the incriments of adjustment on XBOX. If its not here its default. TX firmware v.49.B9 Re Calibrate wheel centre value (probably not neccessary but I did it as mine was 0.5 off centre) Reset in game control setting (Y) and calibrate at 900 Tyre Force 50 Dead Zone Rem. Range 0.05, DZ fall off 0.00 Relative Adj. Gain 1.00, Rel. Adj. Bleed 0.10, Rel. Adj. Clamp 0.95 Scoop knee 0.70, Scoop red 0.15, Soft clip. Half 1.50, Soft clip. Full 1.00 Control confiuration; Input 3, Advanced Off, Steering DZ 0, Steer. Sensitivity 80, FFB 100, Damper Sat. 0 I then use Wootball's spreadsheet of Jack Spade's 66% car FFB settings. If FFB feels to week/strong adjust Tyre Force by +/- 10 (if steering feels notchy Tyre force is too high) and then adjust more finely per car by raising/lowering the Master and Sop scales in equal amounts as instructed by Jack Spade. If your wheel feels to vague or too 'wobbley' around centre adjust Deadzone Removal accordingly. It may also be worth noting that I keep my XBOX One as 'bare bones' as possible, no unneccessary apps. and no games I dont want to play. This may not make a difference, Im just stating what I've done to achieve the good gaming experiance I'm having with project Cars. Hope it can help.

Brent G
23-06-2015, 17:59
Apologies for how the above is set out, i swear it wasnt like that when I posted it! ;)

23-06-2015, 18:08
Been having a very similar experience to this but haven't gone into the ffb settings yet I've just been driving it out of the box and it's amazing fun and everything you described in your first post couldn't be said better imo ;)

PTG Claret
23-06-2015, 19:02
Well said.

I never thought the FFB would be half as good as it is - the immersion factor is immense.