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22-06-2015, 19:26
Hello everyone. I am playing the PS4 version of Project Cars. My question is true for the XBOX ONE version as well, so I am posting this in both places. Please bear in mind that I am not a computer guy, but I have recently educated myself about dedicated VS p2p architectures.
I read that Project Cars on PS4 and XBOX ONE uses P2P multiplayer connection and there are NO dedicated servers. Is this correct? I live in NYC, and most people who play this game are from the UK. (Great people, I have been to London twice). However, I am at disadvantage here. When I join someone else’s hosted game, most players’ connection speed is displayed in “red” for me, very few are in “yellow”, and none are “green”. I have a Verizon FIOS internet with 75Mbits down and 75Mbits up. I used wired connection.
So, when I connect to another person ‘s lobby who is in the UK and he is using let’s day 25/5 or 100/100 and he has 15 other players connected to his game from around the world, I obviously have lag and so does everyone else. Is my assumption correct? Is this how this game is designed to run?
If this is true, are the developers planning to add dedicated servers, like a track playlist? Why not have both systems? A person can create and join a lobby or a private game (choose any options they like) or join a track playlist on dedicated servers (Similar to Motorstorm Pacific Rift of any of the Call of Duty games). I am not comparing games here, I am trying to find the logic as to why the developers chose to make Project Cars game with P2P architecture and have NO servers that have a track playlist. Even if things are running smoothly, I end up playing the game using someone else’s constantly changing rules, not knowing what to expect.

For example. I can practice 1 track for 50 hours using 1 car and perfect this car’s setup. Then, I will create a lobby and play this track only. Well, good luck beating me then. The game has over 100 tracks. If the had a running server with changing tracks, we will be on equal footing – you need to know those tracks, and can’t just create lobbies of the tracks that you know how to play well. Also, there are no leaderboards of any kind (I do not count time trial). The only progress saved is in your profile. No one see it, but yourself.

I think that any competitive game is only as good as the it’s multiplayer or the servers it runs on. I really like Project Cars, but I am only interested in playing on-line. Last night at 23:00 Eastern Time (5 in the morning in London), I only saw 22 people around the world who were playing Project Cars on PS4, GT3 races. This is nothing. I don’t get it , they sold 1 mil copies between 3 systems. Did people stop playing on-line?
Honestly, with cars jumping all over the track in multiplayer (racing is like FPS, you do need great connection and servers to play, this is not XCOM), I did not have fun on-line at all. I see a point as to why the people stop playing. Unfortunately, if the developers do not fix the multiplayer, this game is doomed.

22-06-2015, 19:29
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22-06-2015, 19:30
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23-06-2015, 12:50
I have the same problem. I'm in the UK but my pipe has a decent girth to it. My advice is make sure you're the one setting the room up. I wont join other people's rooms unless it's somebody I know who has a solid, weighty connection. Otherwise it's lag central and pretty pointless even trying to race.