View Full Version : Where is the penalties for people online that thinks this is Destruction Derby????

22-06-2015, 20:30
Seeing that you are announcing Project CARS 2 even before you have sorted things out in this first game pisses me off!!!! I'm SOOOOOOOO tired of assholes "racing" online in this game.... There is NO penalties whatsoever for people using my car as a brake and that slams me out of the track when I try the best I can not to hit others.... I just don't understand people who gets this game knowing they can't drive at all and gets off destroying others race... The need for speed players that have NEVER driven a car in real life and just wants to destroy for everyone.... Hopeless!!!! That was my rant for today!!!! I'm only trying to enjoy this game.....

22-06-2015, 20:41
It is very satisfying to have a good clean race with like minded people, so I just don't understand the mentality of the people who set out to ruin everyones race. How can that be rewarding?

22-06-2015, 20:49
The need for speed generation thinking they can race -_-

22-06-2015, 21:29
I've just suffered this in several online sessions this evening. I knew it was all going too well because recently I've had clean race after clean race.

But, as usual, I've stuck with it - seems that if you pick sessions with qualifying in then the pillock count is reduced a little.

I thought I'd got lucky again just now with a 7 lap race of the Nurburgring....
.... Until just as the lights went out some random bloke decided that he'd switch his mic on and I had 7 frigging laps of hearing his missus / gf / kids having a party in the background accompanied by what sounded like the rhythmic panting of a great dane. :confused-new:


22-06-2015, 21:46
I so wanted this title to be taken serious online.... But as a console player that I have been for the last 28 years I'm fed up now..... SO fucking tired of assholes "racing" in this game..... I will admit first hand that there is so much filth playing games online in the console community..... There is absolutely NO respect for eachother and a few races goes without flaws.... But people needs to grow the fuck up!!!!! STOP DESTROYING RACES FOR EVERYONE JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO WIN!!!!!!!! Just trade in your copy of Project CARS and get lost!!!!! NO ONE likes assholes like this in this community of clean racers like some of us wants to be in Project CARS!!!! Just go back to need for speed and leave Project CARS for good!!!!!

23-06-2015, 00:08
When i heard that PCARS had a penalty system and flags i rejoiced and was extremely excited, Then i went online and it didnt seem any better than Forza 5 a game with no penalties or flags :dejection:

Was it Toca that had a great penalty system?

Neil Bateman
23-06-2015, 00:12
"The pillock count is reduced somewhat"

Had a little chuckle at that little gem.

23-06-2015, 00:15
The need for speed generation thinking they can race -_-

Hey, l'm kind of like from the NFS generation, and l CAN race!

23-06-2015, 01:18
I've been practicing offline for almost one month now, before I even think of racing online.

This post makes me think twice now.

23-06-2015, 03:08
WorkTL add a few people in your country that you know are clean racers , that want the same experience that you desire and all will be good.

I race with a group of guys in Australia on a regular basis and we seem to enjoy things a lot and we all have a understanding that accidents do sometimes happen and that's racing, but we all try respect each other and stick to the race line and pass when clean opportunities open them selves up..

Give it a go you will love it !!! just be aware that when you just jump in some random game online you will need eyes in the back of your head as the missiles start attacking you :)


24-06-2015, 12:18
When i heard that PCARS had a penalty system and flags i rejoiced and was extremely excited, Then i went online and it didnt seem any better than Forza 5 a game with no penalties or flags :dejection:

Was it Toca that had a great penalty system?

Yes it was...even penalties for deliberately brake testing on the straight. The severity could be set so even a nudge would result in a time penalty..simple but great system in a great (and relatively stable and unbugged multiplayer) game.

24-06-2015, 13:41
I finally have taken the time to seek out clean US based racers. Now that I have them as friends I find it cumbersome to try to get together with them. If they are already in a lobby there is no way to search for it. What is the best way to get together in this game once you have established a good group of friends? I can start a new lobby and send only 8 invites when I can have an additional 15 players. Why can't I spam all my friends online until I get the lobby close to full?

24-06-2015, 21:04
Hey, l'm kind of like from the NFS generation, and l CAN race!

I'm not judging EVERY NFS player, but those players are usually crap... Sorry...

22-03-2016, 00:34
I know, it's a necro. God damn. I just finished (left in the middle of) a session where...after hours of solo play to get handle on things...I made the mistake of entering an online event. It had a qual session and not just an insta-race so I hoped it would be semi-serious. Nope. Several grade-school intellect level asshats decide to play demolition derby instead.

How about some semblance of penalties in online events for this crap?

22-03-2016, 02:50
@Hiply: your only hope is to find a good league to join. Our league will occasionally run a public lobby just to fill a grid to test out a car or track before deciding if we're going to use it for a league series. We know your frustration! We've found about 1/3 of our league members in public lobbies, and when we saw they were trying to run clean we invited them in to try it out. Don't give up hope, you just need to find some like-minded racers and you'll have fun.

22-03-2016, 09:27
Oh the penalties are certainly there.
Did a race this morning in the FRenault 3.5 got knocked entering a hairpin at Dubai, spun it round and hit another car. DQ for contact -_-
The quality of online play has improved massively the last few months but... Its still a bit of a wild card.
Some just can't drive. Others do it on purpose.

22-03-2016, 09:56
Yup penalties are definitely there.


22-03-2016, 10:08
I think he means penalty for hitting an opponent and not for driving beyond the track limits...

22-03-2016, 10:33
No no, I got DQ for hitting another opponent, head on, after I got bumped off track. The guy who bumped me didn't get penalty.
I think the contact penalties are only if:
- penalties on
- ghost off
- head on collision

Its lenient. I understand it can only be so strict and automated race director can only be so good. Unless a lot of development and resources are put into an AI race director to judge fairly, there's only so far you can go with it. Again: would I prefer resources to be better spent in another aspects of the game? Certainly.
I've been sideswiped on purpose many a time and copped a penalty when I had no control.
End of the day: race in a league. OR do what I do: make friends with good clean racers to battle with :) plenty of them out there.

22-03-2016, 10:55
Yup penalties are definitely there.


Ohhh so typical... trying and trying to race with AI but they just prepare you for onlineracing.

23-03-2016, 12:21
I just don't understand some of the people who play this game online. I get it, stuff happens in the first corner, as everyone is all bunched up but when you have guys who brake way too late in the first corner and then don't learn their lesson and do the same thing in the second corner; It gets really pointless to continue jumping into public lobbies.

Last night I was doing a GT4 race at Monza. Granted, I'm not the fastest as I'm currently using a controller. Qualified 7th out of 14, 1.2 seconds off pole. First corner, my race was pretty much ruined by asshats trying to brake at the 50 metre sign. As I said, that stuff happens and it only dropped me 3 spots but left me in the back with people who don't know how to drive. Going through long, sweeping right hander, I have some kid weaving back and forth in front of me, trying to keep me from passing, all the while the main pack is getting away. Head into the chicane and nail the braking point only to get run over by not 1 but 3 cars. Race over.

I should have just quit at that point but kept going. the 4 cars behind me quit leaving me in last and having to deal with a kid who doesn't want to race properly, weaving from side to side to keep me from passing, even though I was way faster than him. Peak my nose underneath him and he'd cut down on me, forcing me to slam on the brakes.

Honestly, I'd just like to be able to hop into a race 1 time out of 3 and have people race properly. As I said, I know I'm not the fastest guy, which usually leaves me towards the back of the pack with the kiddies who don't know what they're doing. I don't get a ton of time to play. Between work and my kids, my schedule is pretty full. I've noticed most of the guys at the front are usually using wheels, which might be why I'm usually running a second or more off the pace but with a kid playing travel softball this year, a wheel just isn't in the cards at the moment.

23-03-2016, 15:43
I think he means penalty for hitting an opponent and not for driving beyond the track limits...

Pretty much this. Two kids (mental age, not necessarily physical) who thought it was far more fun to weave then brake check on straights, stop dead centre-track below a rise and out of line of sight, or...if all else failed and I managed to overtake...full speed punts as I braked for a slow corner. Lap after lap, and neither of them was ever DQ'd.

I'll keep trying and I guess, if sessions turn into jerk-fests, somehow manage to not quit the events so I don't get downrated for quitting. At some point perhaps I'll just deliberately tank my qualifying laps, start at the back, and get my enjoyment from clean overtaking and idiot-avoidance techniques.

23-03-2016, 16:47
Sandbagging qualifying does work.
You get to cruise through the turn 1 chaos and drive off into the sunset.
It's not all rainbows and unicorns though.

23-03-2016, 18:16
Any clean PS4 guys/girls looking for some clean lobbies, send me (Maxx69) a psn message for an invitation to our growing clean drivers community.
We have weekly meets with several more events planned and a good bunch of guys .

23-03-2016, 20:04
Astonishing I just completed two clean sets at Spa in a pair of random GT3 events. Yay!:victorious:

Riccardo De Rosa
23-03-2016, 20:58
and what solutions would you like to take?
I wrote my own here (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?45695-driving-license-skill&p=1248063&viewfull=1#post1248063)
where is your?

more solutions = perhaps 1 good solution ... sometime :)

24-03-2016, 16:07
It helps to open a lobby with forced manual gears , damage on, etc, this normally keeps the less serious twerps away . Also if you only have up-to six guys racing they are more likely to behave .
I gave up racing randoms after spending 30mins qualifying 2nd at Monza ( oh god , that first corner) only to be rammed in to the wall before the light was green and then repeatedly rammed at full speed into the slow corners , forcing me to retire .
Hopefully in project cars two a point or licence system will be inplace .
In the end I got a few guys together to hunt clean racers and invite them to a PS4 community so we could race properly , respecting race etiquette .

25-03-2016, 03:10
I don't see any penalty system in place for #2.
That being said, I'm sure most by then will know what pcars is about and, those not interested, will just stay well away from it.
Plenty of good leagues lads ladies and communities about just on this forum though, plus some.

25-03-2016, 17:13
I am also a lonely warrior in this game doing solo online races and getting pissed at some guys. Like today for example at Monza, in thunder storm without any of the aids even the ABS so you need to brake pretty early but some people dont think so and while I was having a battle of my own with a car weaving about in the first corner, anyway as I approached the first corner,got my speed down just about to turn in a guy from behind me used me as a brake,resulting me getting a wrecked car and a 5 sec penalty for "cutting the track" while he just drove off. At the end from 8 cars only two finished the race. Some guy called Nordschleife88 and me all the others got DNF.

27-03-2016, 13:27
What is it with people stopping on straightaways, waiting for guys to drive by and trying to turn into them? How is that fun???

I'd get really bored, waiting around for a lap just so I can turn my car into a guy who is trying to have a proper race.

28-03-2016, 17:02
Hi guys,

i think that this is getting serious.
it's very rare to find a race where there are not idiots just bumping and crashing into other cars without reason.
i don't understand what's the fun in ruining other people's race and fair battles.

we need a solution.

a couple of ideas:

what about create a filter to avoid people whit too many incidents/crashes to join some lobbies?

Or, create a sort of online academy for new players/rookies? they can play online races but only in rooms with very strick and heavy penalties for (cut, ramming, bumping, etcc). Clean driving gives you more xps. Once you gain enough experience then you'll have access to the standard online game.

COD, DUST514 have something similar in place if i'm not wrong, although they have it to avoid noobies' carnage.

Or, we could start to saving videos of all those bastards and their dirty unfair games, and upload it on youtube and twitch with their nickname.

what do you think?


29-03-2016, 05:54
i agree mcs1981. there should be some kind of list where people (in the game it self) can point out people who think the races are a derby, and let say with about 10 times on purpose crashing willingly into others, he will be banned for sometime, then the second time (if he continues with his derby) banned from the online races of Project cars for life (or something like that).
Just yesterday i was doing some laps online (and i don't do that often cause of the derby drivers, it's wakes up the devil in me :devilish:), and i saw a driver driving with a stick (shaking movement of the cars in corners).
I had the idea that he didn't like i lapped him over and over again, and then there it was, waiting for me to come around again and then crashing into me.
But on the other hand should there also be something/some way to let other people know that you crashed accidentally into them.

29-03-2016, 08:44
Ian Bell i think had mentioned legal issues about banning people from MP so I think that may be off the table.