View Full Version : What a fantastic evening.....

22-06-2015, 20:51
This is just a post to say thank you for an incredible evening. It seems with all the moaning and groaning (OOH ARR) that goes on around this forum, it's quite easy to forget just what an incredible time you can have with this game.

An amazing evening race at Silverstone in the Aston Martin GT3 car. Qualified 6th, dropped down the pack after pit stops & a bit of over confident "crap, there's the gravel trap" driving. Turned it right on in the last few laps to come third in the end. And all in front of a gorgeous sunset backdrop.

So, a massive thank you to Ian and all the guys (& gals?) that have really made this happen!! I am fully, back in love with this game! :) 208759