View Full Version : Using accelerated tire wear bug.

22-06-2015, 20:54
Not sure if this is something that's widely known so il just post it anyway.

If you put on accelerated tire wear anywhere from 4x to 7x and run a long race with GT3 cars with 25-40 laps or so the A.I. Cars will start to blow their tires. What's weird is that they will pit and some wil change their tires and some won't. It seems like the ones that do change tires make the air pressure during the pit stop super low. So when they get back on the track they are running on pretty much flat tires and within 2 laps they have another blow out. Haven't tested this on anything less then 4x accelerated tire wear. Usually it turns into a destruction derby on the track where you're forced to dodge a car going slow with 4 blown out tires.

Test it out for yourself. Watkins glen short is a good track to test this on. Using GT3 cars. 25+ laps with at least 4 x tire wear acceleration.

18-07-2015, 09:23
Yes, had the same problem yesterday with RUF GT3 on Nürburgring at 5x tyre wear. Seems the AI doesn't know when to pit seemed almost all of them went on flat tyres after a while.

18-07-2015, 14:53
There is blow outs in the game? I have never had one, even when I tried for about 2 minutes by just spinning my rear tires >.>

Roger Prynne
18-07-2015, 15:14
^^^ Yes they are definitely there.

18-07-2015, 20:22
The AI blowing tires on accelerated wear is fixed alread for the next patch. Thanks for the report OP.

24-07-2015, 11:56
Can the actual player get a blowout if you continually use the same set of tires. Does mechanical failures or damage need to be on for this to happen.
I did about 19 laps at imola with x6 tire wear with the formula gulf, by lap 14 my wheel was shaking and the car handled badly (as it should) but as bad as it was I was able to keep cuirculating. No blowout