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22-06-2015, 21:49
So I'm not into racing events as much as I'm into track days / performance tweaking etc. This is much funner to me based on what this game provides. Racing is just the golden extra feature in my opinion lol. So anyway, I've yet to even race AI or Online on project cars but I'm enjoying online very much. I believe everyone would be interested in joining the fun, and occasions of pairing up to go drag racing in the off chance you link with someone and feel like taking a lap vs them.

My rules / format are as follows :

(will update session creator ids to search for here:)

Open All Car Classes
90 Minute Practice 1 - 90 Minute Practice 2
10 Minute Qualifying - 1-2 lap Race
No forced manual gears
Forced Cockpit Views
No Forced Driving Aids
Damage Realistic - No Flags / Penalties

I look forward to seeing you on the track.
These are very free and open online conditions with alot of fun possible. A great alternative to online race events.
This game really needs to be the console version iRacing. Hopefully we can showcase some of the great ability online this title does have.
I wish PCars would allow session creators to add descriptions and details to their event for all to see.
This lobby will be public but invite as many of your comrades as you can PLEASE.
Kamikaze drivers will not be tolerated, please urge a vote to kick immediately.

I'm a PS4 users only, I'll be watching XBOX activity all the same. For those interested I'd love to collect footage and watch captures or see screenshots of the action. Please share this with everyone you can think of and I hope we can build "Track Day" community very big and we can then coordinate various race events among each other. But someone has to lead this charge. If you are also interested in this format, please do not wait for me. Please create a session and update the thread here and as many other groups online as possible. We should call ourselves the Track Day community. I look forward to meeting as many drivers as I can.