View Full Version : Problems with the online mode after uninstall and install the game again

22-06-2015, 22:13
Personal Hello , I'm having problems after an accident and have desistalado the game in ps4 , after uninstalling again I inserted the CD in the console and installed the game and its updates, however the game is all locked , the only thing that works are the races rapidas and configurations ... the game comes not online ... I need more porfazvor help support ... what should I do ... remembering that I am in Brazil and do not have any official forum here ...

Siberian Tiger
22-06-2015, 22:20
If all is locked, then the Game is simply not installed fully. Wait some Minutes/Hours until all is installed correctly and it downloaded all needed files ;)

22-06-2015, 22:26
This all properly installed and all but the last downloaded and installed updates too , is in the game ... even within the game only works rapidas races and options ... career , online play everything else locked...

Siberian Tiger
22-06-2015, 22:28
Perhaps it has not installed from the Disk... It seems that the Game is Downloading Content...

Try to Uninstall, then Disconect PS4 from Internet.
Install it again...
Then Connect the PS4 to the Internet
Let all Updates Download and Install

And then it will work fine :)

22-06-2015, 22:33
I have done it too ... installed from the disk , install left completely , after I let him download updates from the intenet , he also installed ... and yet when I open the game nothing works ...