View Full Version : Tyres all burst after a mandatory pit change....

22-06-2015, 22:44
Ginetto G40 season. Race is at Donnington. Slowly all went red one by one. Presume they've burst or something :(

Race over :(

Siberian Tiger
22-06-2015, 22:45
Know Issue ;)

Just edit your Tire Pressures in the Pit Strategy for all Tires by +- 0.1 Save, and then you won't get this Bug.

22-06-2015, 22:57
Hmm just noticed i think it used the standard pit strategy which was set to Tyre change - no. Is that what happens if you dpont change your tyres, they just burst as soon as you come out the pits?

Siberian Tiger
22-06-2015, 22:59
Nope, it's a Bug, regardless if you change your Tires or not ;)

Just edit your Tire Pressure... Then Save...

It's a workaround until the new Patch will hit our Systems ;)

23-06-2015, 00:30
Happens with Laguna Seca GT3 also