View Full Version : Time progression and the consequences on your tires

23-06-2015, 08:31
Hi all,

Last night I was doing some testing so I could get a sunrise or sunset race sorted for a 5 lap race. I included a 10 min practice and 10 min qualifying.

First think I noticed was the time progression starts on the first scheduled session so by the time I'd got into the race it was midday again or event sunset depending what speed is set progression on. A time of day clock would be useful on the menu/pit screen to gauge an idea of how quick time is actually moving.

Anyway on with my point, when I'd set x30/x60 progression tyre temps and grip became a nightmare, I'd set a temp in practice worked fine, the moved onto qualifying it was getting dark/light so it's cooler and tyre temp just disappeared, so in increased/reduced for desired effect.

Then moving onto the race and surprise surprise with very quick time progression the ambient temps have changed again night or day and my tires are either overheating or cold! (this is not a critisisism of SMS by the way)

Time progression is brilliant in the game and simply looks stunning but it's a nightmare for tire temps! You either set your car up for cooler or warmer conditions either way you will have a few laps sliding about, knowing how far the time has progressed and what temps are, makes me wants to plan day/night race but with a pitstop to adjust temps accordingly.

Anyone else had these issues and what have you found?