View Full Version : Why was I given an infraction for disscussing issues?

23-06-2015, 14:19
Bealdor ignored my private message, and I don't really know where to post this. Please move if necessary, but don't delete without sending me a PM.

Why was I given an infraction "Repeated Complaining About Acknowledged Issues"? The issues have not been acknowledged. SMS has made no effort to help me with any issues. They have no customer support, the email on their homepage does not work. I see you have a small audience that you have somehow successfully brainwashed into liking it. But ultimately, you need customers like us to make money and stay in businesses. I talked to my friends who bought the game before I could warn them about the scam, and they feel the same way.

23-06-2015, 14:23
I advise you to also read the administrative note I've sent you with this infraction.

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