View Full Version : Is it posible to view the MPG of a car

23-06-2015, 15:28
I am getting Project Cars soon and would like to know if it is possible to view the MPG (Miles Per Gallon) of the car.

If this is not possible could this be implemented in another update? This would be useful for endurance races because you will know how much fuel you need to put in to last until the end of the race without having too much fuel

Fractured Life
23-06-2015, 15:30
I haven't found it yet, we're all getting by using the power of Maths! Pain in the behind, but there are some really thirsty and also really frugal cars out there so best bet is to do a lap or two of practice and work out what you used per lap. Would like to see it in an update, but not really important.

23-06-2015, 15:30
If the car has a changeable motec display you can most likely change it to the fuel display that will show miles per lap, in average and last lap. I use the average to calculate how many liters of fuel to put in for the race. I see it in GT3 cars, haven't tried others yet.

23-06-2015, 15:31
I use pCars Profiler plugin/app by Tom Shane, this is only for PC though.

Most cars will show you your fuel load, last lap used and average used in the motec display though if the car has one :)

Goggles Paisano
23-06-2015, 15:34
Link to the Profiler:


23-06-2015, 15:38
Looks like that I will have to use maths then for now. :( maths = Mental Abuse To HumanS. Lol

23-06-2015, 15:40
Do you have to buy cars in Project Cars or are they given to you? It would be a pain if you brought a thirsty car for an endurance race!

I know you do get cash given to you sometimes but I'm not sure if you can buy your own too. Getting the game soon so can't find out for myself.

23-06-2015, 15:51
No cash, and all cars are unlocked from the get go. In career you can start at whichever tier/class you want.

23-06-2015, 15:52
You don't have to buy cars like you do in Forza. However in career mode, only certain cars are available to you depending on what career path you're on and what team you race for. In solo racing you can drive any car anywhere at any time.

23-06-2015, 15:55
So you don't need to grind like you do in GT. Thats good. So its a bit like F1 games. The team you have a contract with give you the car.

23-06-2015, 16:00
So you don't need to grind like you do in GT. Thats good. So its a bit like F1 games. The team you have a contract with give you the car.
Exactly. You don't have a lot of flexibility there (just as in real life) so accept the contract offer that best accomplishes your career goals.