View Full Version : Racing as it starts raining during Career mode?

23-06-2015, 18:13
I am on Season 2 with Lotus Renault 98T Openwheel racing on Zolder. The race is of 10 laps and around half way through the race, it starts raining. After managing a lap or two the car gets slippery and too hard to control even on straights. I tried to pit and change for both wet and intermediates but as soon as I exit there is a drastic loss of grip and no ffb grip feeling whatsoever it had before. Also the tires turn red in the next two corners. Meanwhile some of the AI has changed to wet tires and are running with good pace while some of them are running without changing and still maintain a descent pace. In the previous races, I managed to somehow finish on podium in a similar situation during season 1 as the duration was not more than 6 laps.
But this openwheel turbo just sends me from leading to drop dead last in a couple of laps. My AI and race length settings are set at 85 and 100 respectively from the beginning of the career mode.

I wonder if there is a proper way to handle such situation or is it only like this. Please provide some tips as skipping race will just make me lose interest in career mode:culpability:.

23-06-2015, 21:05