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23-06-2015, 19:00
Hi guys,

Sorry if this isn't the right forum!

I did the 24 hours le mans race as soon as I got the invitation - this means that at La Sarthe I've done 3,198.6 miles.

For some reasons the wins didn't register when I went back to get this trophy, so I set up a 250 lap race on the 'ring - which has now finished.

Now, 250 x 12.94 = 3,235 miles in that race on the ring, more than La Sarthe - does anybody know why my favourite track hasn't changed? Has anybody else come across this? This is the last offline trophy I need!:(

Just done an extra 5 laps, which means I've now in total at least done 3,299.7 miles on the 'ring!

And now just done an extra lap on La Sarthe, mileage has increase to 3,209.9. Somehow apparently I've done more in one lap than the length of the course? Side note: I won this one too, and still 0 wins :culpability:

And for good measure, did a race on the bugatti version of La Sarthe, won that too, mileage on location increased, wins did not.