View Full Version : about the random wheather in a custom race

23-06-2015, 19:08
first of all, sorry my version is in french language so my "menu" couldn't be exact in english.

i had a wrong setting weather at Oschersleben GP with formula C :

- if the choice is to set random weather the "weather progress"(progression météo) is locked, nice it's logic
- but this parameter keep its last value even beeing locked ( for me it was at 10x :culpability:) and i had to play in random weather with 10x change ( sun & eavy rain at every 3 laps lol )

so to resolve it, i set
* weather x (2 in fact)
* weather progress unlocked give me the old 10x, i change to "sync to the race"

- i launch the race
- i quit the race

i set again
* weather 1
* random weather ( so weather progress is locked again )

- i launch the race
- the weather works perfect like in real :)


This set has part, i made my random weather long race, and it's been incredible realism, really nice :victorious: