Ricardo Rickovery
23-06-2015, 20:01
What is the best pit strategy for endurance racing. The race I was involved in was 38 laps or 48?? I tried a few things like: Less fuel for shorter pit stops. It seems that with 11 litres of fuel I had to pit in. I had a major advance on P2. I had 5 pit stops. Some with tire changes and some with no change. With 3 laps to go, I had to pit in again, and after 3rd pit in, I was never able to catch up to P1 position, ended 4th overall. I can tell you that I was 2 to 3 seconds faster on all laps and bingo 4th place. What is wrong with my strategy? Fuel?

23-06-2015, 20:11
Generally the fewer stops the better. 38-48 laps isn't a huge number. Should be able to make that in 1 stop 2 at the most for most GT3 spec cars. I'd check in a practice session how much fuel you're using on average per lap multiply that by the number of laps + more laps to get a total amount of fuel to use (+5 laps creates a safety margin should you miscalculate or run off someplace you won't run out of fuel). Then either divide it out evenly between your starting tank and your pitstop(s) or go full tank first and fill just wants needed afterwards during pit.

For tires, if you're running on softs you'll want to change them out when you pit for fuel. If you're running on meds you can double stint them if you're careful. Hards should take you through the race.

Shorter pitstops generally cause you to lose time because you'll spend more time driving up and down pit road than you need to while getting the same amount of service as one longer stop.

23-06-2015, 21:11
I agree with advice if things were working correctly. I can run softs for about 25 laps on 7x wear right now in bmw z4. I would of run softs for the entire race there and not change. Load as much fuel as u can at the start. Don't stop at all if u don't have to and just do a splash and dash if u cant. Tire wear is pretty messed up but they know and are fixing it. Not all gt3 cars are equal. The McLaren for example might only got 10 to 15 laps at 7x tire wear. Hopefully it will all be working right after next patch as they already have over 200 hrs put into the tire wear for patch. This is only happening on console from what I read