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23-06-2015, 20:37
Just got Project Cars and started the hero to zero career mode, loving the game. Couple of bugs I kept seeing and couldn't directly find already reported in the forums. I'm playing on PS4 with the controller, and now in 2nd season of career driving the SuperKarts and invitational events like Caterham Academy. Usually I drive all the sessions of an event, but tend to skip ahead to the end of a practice session if I'm happy with how the car is driving before the session timer goes to zero.

- When you skip ahead in a practice session, some AI drivers appeared to have set unrealistically fast times between the moment I stopped driving and skipped ahead and the session ended. In Qualification these drivers don't get anywhere near those. For example, on I believe Silverstone Short I set something like a 1.17 in practice and no.2 had set a 1.21. I skipped ahead with 5 mins remaining, and in the final result a couple of AI cars have done 1.01 and 1.02, 20 secs faster than before! In Qualification I set a 1.15 and continue driving to the end, no 2. has set a 1.19, so nowhere near the ridiculously fast times from practice. Weather was all clear in both sessions. AI difficulty was 50 or 60. Happens a lot. I was thinking maybe during the skipping ahead the AI starts setting times as if AI difficulty was at MAX? The difference isn't always so extreme though, sometimes just one or 2 cars who are like 3 secs faster than anybody else.
- Sometimes in a race with rolling start I have manual control even BEFORE the first red light comes on. Typically only steering control and not gas/brakes. I noticed this first time when my SuperKart went straight into the gravel trap and dropped from pole to 4th before first lights came one, while I expected only to get manual control a bit later. A second time I found I could control the steering but not gas/brakes. Usually I get a audio cue from the race engineer that I have manual control right before the light goes green, but in the cases described the race engineer doesn't even come on and keeps his mouth shut.
- No points awarded for Pole Position or Fastest Race Lap, even though the event rules state that I would get 5 points for that. Sometimes just 5 additional points for Pole, sometimes 5 additional points for Fastest Race Lap, but never both and sometimes neither. I have played a couple of full race weekends in Karts where I was fastest in every session, won the race leading every lap from pole and got the fastest laps, but didn't get those bonus points or only just sometimes. Checked the points rules for every weekend and the points where listed to be given. Weird as this points allocation seems totally random? So far didn't have a championship depending on it, but it is very annoying.
- Minor one: had Monza as location with highest affinity for a while, then did a lot of races in UK and my affinity changed to UK (or GB, not sure how it was described). However, the logo for the affinity location was still Monza, even though the description was different. Also, maybe I've missed it, but didn't see UK/GB as a single location anywhere, as there are loads of tracks in the UK in different locations.
- On some tracks, like Monza Short, just after the final tire chicane: if there are cars diving into the pits when I'm next to them coming out of the final chicane (e.g. they are left of me and need to dive to the right), they go straight through me like I'm a ghost (and I haven't crashed or am driving an invalid lap or anything). Noted it on a few other tracks as well, but Monza Short was the most apparent as there were many cars side by side in that final chicane every time I drove through it. One time there was a car stuck against the tire wall, but it also happened when there was no crashed car standing still. Very odd first time it happened as I braced for impact (just happened to be on the follow behind the car camera) and then the car just moved through me like I wasn't there.
- On crashed cars: in a few kart races I've seen AI karts crash straight into a barrier and staying stuck there.
- When I was driving a Caterham on Donington in the Caterham Academy races and I ran completely out of fuel stopping in the middle of the final chicane, the engine still was making a sound even though it should be completely killed since I had 0.0 juice in the tank. First I thought it was another car, but turning up the volume I heard it definitely was mine.

Thanks for the great game and keep killing those bugs to make if even more awesome!

23-06-2015, 21:33
Mhh that looks very inviting to read, yum!

23-06-2015, 21:54
Got a few more:

- On some circuits (my guess maybe the ones with multiple layouts like Snetterton) the potential lap time given in the lap time delta doesn't make sense, e.g. it might be 20 secs faster than what would be reasonable if you add all the best sectors together. Maybe it messes up the time zone sectors?
- On circuits with an open pitbox like Snetterton you might see a car like a BMW parked behind you when you looking in the rear view mirror. But when you look behind you there is actually nothing, mysterious...