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23-06-2015, 21:13
Hello community,

I am a 48 year old retired Professional Land Surveyor who now has time to learn Graphic Arts on my new Wacom pro Pen & Touch via various software and get serious about my Sim Racing. I heard all the talk about Project Cars and even though I am jumping on the "Band Wagon" late in the development I still want to be a part of this community and start doing my part to help project Cars meet all it's goals and expectations.

For myself I have invested in a nice racing wheel set (G27 with H shifter & pedals) and a nice DXRacer Max Series chair. This is a nice set up but what I am going to work towards is a slick DIY sim racing cockpit. So if anybody has pics of their set up let me see them so I can get some ideas. I have no idea where to start but I am sure I can find something out on the web.

Lastly I would like to make some friends here so I am part of a team. I am an amateur make no mistake. But I have a nice PC with G35 Headphones for Team Speak or can get whatever voice program I might need. I am going to install a new sound card so feel free to make suggestions about that too. I have been looking at the Creative Labs cards and ASUS. I don't see many other brands I recognize.

Well that's about it, I hope to see you on the track,

" Make your own luck"
OS: Win7 Prof. 64bit CPU: i7 5960x 3.0ghz Octocore GPU: Titan Black 6gb RAM: 16gb GDDR5 MoBo: Rampage V Extreme Storage: RAID Zero 250gb SSD, 2x2tb Seagate Hybrid Drives in 5 slot hot swap cage Audio: Realtek HD, Display: Dell ST2320L 60hz Note: Steam games kept on D drive (D & E are the 2tb Seagate Hybrid Drives)

23-06-2015, 21:16
Can I personally recommend iracing as you're retired. You can then devote as much time as you like playing it :) I wish I was in your position.

23-06-2015, 21:20
just to give you some impressions:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yohj925EkUs no idea which language that is but you only Need your eyes ;)

also check this guy out


i really can recommend a tablet or a Display for the use of a Dashboard, it's very useful.

23-06-2015, 21:23
There is a post on this site here: http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?21949-The-big-Show-your-race-rig-setup-topic
that shows a lot of setups. I think most of those are not DIY but some are. You can do a general Google search and find some huge threads around the web with people showing their cockpits.

And in case you haven't noticed it all over this site, you can now get in at the ground level on Project Cars 2 and help shape that development from the start. Look at the bottom banner at the top of the page for more info.

Other than that, I'm not a graphic artist so I can't help you there but I'm sure someone can help point you in the right direction.