View Full Version : Weather conditions x2 x10 x20 x30 please explain

Chris Sercombe
23-06-2015, 22:00
Weather conditions x2 x10 x20 x30 please explain, how does this relate to 3 weather slots(clear,cloudy,rain), if we make a 20 lap race roughly 30/40 minute race.

23-06-2015, 22:05
One slot with x1 lasts for one hour. x2 - 30 minutes, ... and so on.
3 slots with x1 weather means that you are covered for 3 hours of racing, then the weather will go back to 1st slot.
Sync to race - all chosen weather slots will be present in race (more or less)
Real time - weather is grabbed from the net and the state will last for 3 hours and then will change to the forecasted one.

Chris Sercombe
23-06-2015, 22:44
Thx for reply, cant see a sync to race option in a online lobby i create with mate, we just had a 20 lap race 3 slots and x2 and nothing changed.