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24-06-2015, 16:05
anyone have a good camera set up for the helmet view? as in FOV and speed sensitivity to make it a bit more realistic?

24-06-2015, 17:27
I like to have and why:
High Speed Shake: on - dunno why, cause its cool.
World movement 90 - cause there would be a certain amount of the driver moving there line of sight with the horizon when going over bumps.
G-force 75
Show Helmet OFF - I'll get to that! see Apex and camera lean.
Helmet depth of field OFF - cause it makes no sense.
Apex look, Helmet and Camera lean all to 100, as that reminds me off the really cool footage I saw of a Wiliams F1 car driver with a GoPro on his helmet.
All these settings get as close as I can tell to the Williams F1 clip.

Olijke Poffer
24-06-2015, 17:30
Me too. I have show Helmet turned off. Also I have set a nice amount of speed VOF

24-06-2015, 17:35
thnx guys i will try them soon. :)

24-06-2015, 17:56
i like the settings thnx but i STILL like the helmet on for the 'restricted' view... just seems more immersive. thanks again.


24-06-2015, 18:20
I usually switch between having helmet on and off depending on whether I'm driving an open wheeler or GT car with a cockpit. One of the issue I have with the helmet (or at least the 3D graphic) is that it seems to be tied to FOV, which means that with some smaller FOV settings it's hardly visible anyway. Maybe it's something that they will change in future, I'm not all that fussed at the moment, enjoying what's already there very much.