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24-06-2015, 16:15

What are the rules for this? I have a video from the alpha/beta period showing people the cars in the garage which has just been chopped for copyright breach.

Quies ante tempestatem - Stephen Baysted
Sound recording
1:19 - 3:18 play match
The Orchard Music
Monetised by copyright owner

24-06-2015, 16:20

24-06-2015, 16:22
Yeah, it was removed for music copyright. Not games. Pretty any and all games can be uploaded/streamed. How'd you think people make money of Twitch? :P

24-06-2015, 16:53
Monetisation is a very very grey area with little to no real clear cut explanation as to how to go about doing it effectively and correctly.. The best thing to do, is if you are unsure, don't monetise your videos. Music is generally a bad move unless you have a license that specifically states you can use said song by said artist in your videos. If your doing videos of gameplay, just make sure you're meeting to that relevant developers criteria if they have any and you should be fine. Although, I did read somewhere that even though your a youtube partner and can monetise your videos, you aren't covered if you do videos on games. I kept my videos non-monetised until I got myself with a partner that mainly has gaming channels, just as a method to cover my back. Copyright is a nasty nasty place to get yourself into if you don't know what you're doing. Majority of time it's not worth the hassle.